February 13, 2012
Guy Webster Museum Ride 2/12/2012


 6 a.m. and we are on the road to the Guy Webster Museum ride. Apolo and Hugo strapped their Gileras onto the truck to drive over to Moorpark for the beginning of the 36mile canyon road ride to Guy Webster’s place in Ojai, CA.

Stopped in Long Beach on the way up to meet up with Ernesto and Lester and fill up on gas and make sure that everything was still tied down.

Upon arriving in Moorpark everyone unloaded their motorcycles and got ready for the ride. Here is Ernesto’s Ducati 175 Super Sport and Lester’s Benelli 250 Sport Special.

The Benelli 250 Sport Special. A beautiful bike that I have always really enjoyed looking at.

Hugo’s Gilera was just hanging out anxious for it’s 36 mile ride over to Webster’s museum. 

Apolo’s Gilera. A particularly loud bike, especially when he is blasting by you on a narrow canyon road with the throttle wide open.

Apolo and Lester letting their bikes warm up….

And Hugo too.

The bikes were lined up as people waited for the 10 a.m. ride start. This was a nice time to go around and check out everyone else’s motorbike and let onlookers gawk at yours.

Another angle…. (Why not?)

A Rickman Triumph, an absolutely wonderful bike, was being ridden by Yoshi Kosaka of Garage Company.

And they’re off! An amazing ride from Moorpark to the Guy Webster Museum in Ojai, CA through some winding back roads. Unfortunately I was following behind in the pickup truck. 

Here’s just a little taste of what there is inside of Guy Webster’s place. One of the most amazing private collections of vintage motorcycles that there is.

Vintage Italian race bikes…..

Excuse me for the quick break from motorcycles, but I saw this in the parking area and had to snap away at it. The 66’ Dodge Charger has always been one of my favorite muscle cars and this was a prime example of one.

I stood there and daydreamed about what it would be like to drive….

The design elements… (speechless)

Before we get back to the motorcycles I wanted to show you this guy! Webster’s collection includes all sorts of automotive memorabilia. This vintage Michelin Man statue was too awesome.

How about this 1962 Honda CR77 to get you back onto the level of what Guy Webster has in his museum. This motorbike is just stunning.

… More of the collection.

The 1957 Mondial 125cc Grand Prix race bike with a full dustbin. This bike would have competed with the 1955 Ducati Grand Prix bike that Hugo helped restore.

For more on the Ducati check the link: (http://www.flickr.com/photos/southcount/sets/72157626446129003/) T

The bikes in the parking lot were also great. I just love Hondas. This CB750 looked amazing; that was the original paint. Check out that helmet too, so rad.

This Harley Davidson XR750 was awesome. Check out the Schwinn head tube badge; a funny little touch that I really enjoyed.

Time really flies when you’re admiring amazing machines and we all could have let a lot more time go by, but we had to get back on the road to make it back to Moorpark before dark. Everyone got together for a quick late lunch and were off.

Ernesto, Lester, Apolo, Hugo and a couple of friends got together for a quick photo before we retraced our steps 36 miles back to the starting point.

A quick refill while we were still in Ojai.

The ride back went well. All the guys were able to have fun with some spirited riding and friendly competition. Here is Hugo just cruising down Route 150.

Ernesto, Hugo and Apolo regrouped one last time after Ernesto and Apollo drag raced right past a turn that they were supposed to take. All in all it was a great day, ride, and experience and I look forward to doing it again next year; next year I’ll be on two wheels.

- Jose

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